CleanTalk, a good surprise! But…

A paid anti spam service that i suggest!

I don’t really believe that i really need an anti spam paid service (who really think that?) before now.
Before now i thought that for protect your phpBB forum from spam a geofilter would be enough. I was wrong.
One day i found one hundred fake profiles and two thousand of fake topic about sex, viagra, prostitutes and more.
I Googled about “spam forum avoid” and i found lots of “creative page” and some “expensive solutions”, nothing of interesting until one low know company: Clean talk.
The sign up process was really simple, i tried the service for a week, i was’t so optimistic about, but i was wrong again.
The setup process into your website (especially CMS) is a 1 click process: very smart! They wrote a plugin for a lots of platform (including WordPress, phpbb,vBulletin, Prestashop and drupal)
What about the anti-spam process: it’s simple, it works!
I avoid in a few days more than 1500 attacks. I don’t really know how he learn about the spam and spammers but definitely they have a good fix.

Lots of spammers where deleted from my website, instantly!

In the first days I can not tell you they miss 5 or 6 losers but, inside the User Control Page you can simply say “bye bye” spammer in a second.

I renewed for one year the service, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Why you should pay for avoid spammers when there’s a few good free services?
– Because you know that the plugin for your CMS will be take up to date constantly.
– Because the infrastructure (cloud i think) will record all your web site activity up to a year, and probably this helps the developers of clean talk to erase most of spammers.
– Because they email you every week and say how the filter works and if there’s some trouble.

So, there’s something to improve? Yes.
– I don’t really like that i can’t insert with the “simple license” the stopwords. This function will be remove most of false positive that the filter ignore.
– I really like to buy a “infinity license” for a single website and this is not possible. Grant me to pay 100$ but give me freedom forever from spam inside my website.
– In my opinion a longer API key is stronger than the 12 character that clean talk uses.
– Why don’t temporally block the website hits from the plugin to all of recent spammers? It could be save me a big amount of server load and avoid SQL injection and brute force?

Thank you for the service!

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